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This toolkit is intended for members of all artistic and cultural communities: designers, performers, directors, administrators and anyone else involved in creating, producing or promoting artistic projects It contains four tools that can evolve over time: 1. a contextual analysis of the concept of cultural appropriation; 2. a non-exhaustive glossary of related expressions; 3. a video capsule in which theater people share their positive experiences of intercultural collaborations; 4. an exercise in critical thinking to help you avoid the traps of cultural appropriation. Although this kit is aimed at the theater world, much of the content we have developed may be useful for other sectors of the performing arts and the arts in general.


The background research for this digital toolbox on cultural appropriation in the theatre was supported by a Mitacs research grant to a partnership between the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and the Conseil québécois du théâtre (CQT). That partnership dates back to two polemics about creations by Quebec producer Robert Lepage that shook the theater world in 2018. In view of the different – and even contradictory – understandings of the concept of cultural appropriation that were rocking the theatre world, the CQT’s Comité Théâtre et Diversité culturelle (CTDC) started looking for a way to contextualize it in 2018 (see the CQT progress report [in French only], October 2019). CQT also organized a virtual forum called Agora diversité in November 2021 to address the issues and challenges theater artists from backgrounds of diversity face in their daily lives. The Mitacs funded research partnership between UQAM and the CQT was announced during a panel on cultural appropriation at that event.

That Mitacs project gave rise to the content of this digital toolkit, the main purpose of which is to provide practical support to people who work in Quebec’s theater world. It was led by Geneviève Bélisle, theater artist and PhD student at UQAM, and Monia Abdallah, professor of art history at UQAM and a member of the CQT’s Comité Théâtre et Diversité culturelle since the end of 2018. Both those researchers were responsible for matching the original content to its digital adaptation.

For the CQT, Raffaela Siniscalchi, Digital Development Lead, set up and coordinated each step of the project as well as the website development operations. She streamlined the work so that it would meet the goals and achieve the required quality and the scope of the project. She made sure all facets of the milieu were represented and that they endorsed the project.


The project team would like to thank Charles Bender, Catherine Voyer-Léger, Danielle Thibault, Mireille Camier, Rachel Morse and Laurence Régnier most sincerely for their support and trust.

The Conseil québécois du théâtre (CQT) thanks everyone who contributed work, advice, support and participation to make this project happen:

Hélène Ducharme

Mamby Mawine

Dramane Dembele

Jasmine Dubé

Véronique Basile Hébert

Geneviève Bélisle

Victor Cuellar

Dave Jennis

Albert Kwan

Yohayna Hernandez

Monia Abdallah

Raffaela Siniscalchi

Charles Bender

Susan Altschul

Mireille Camier

Louis Légault

Lesly Velasquez

Mathieu Parisien