Audio component

Audio tracks

This component provides access to some of the kit’s tools in an audio format. It is a practical and accessible alternative to describe the origins of the expression “cultural appropriation” and help you understand how the concept has evolved over time. You will also be able to listen to content from the Compass as part of the critical thinking process that should lead you to stimulating discoveries. It is also an excellent way of learning more about the history of this project. 

What it is about

This track is an introduction to the accessible and multilingual digital toolkit on cultural appropriation. It will tell you more about its origins in the theatre community, its objectives and the diversity of its content.


The main objectives of this audio component are to:

  • Make it easier for people who have trouble reading (blind or partially sighted, dyslexic, etc.) to access some of the content
  • Stimulate discussion and the exchange of ideas about the content when the listening experience is shared 
  • Improve the way the content is received and make it easier to formulate comments when someone is listening alone 
  • Make it easier to use the toolkit’s contents in different situations and in more flexible ways  
  • Make it easier for listeners whose mother tongue is neither French nor English to understand and learn from the content


Production and editing: Mathieu Parisien
Artistic direction : Mireille Camier and Raffaela Siniscalchi
Concept : Monia Abdallah, Geneviève Bélisle and Raffaela Siniscalchi
Narration : Louis Legault and Lesly Velázquez

Special thanks to Les Muses : Centre des arts de la scène, the only professional performing arts school for people with disabilities. This partnership contributes greatly to equity, diversity and inclusion.